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In-home product testing platform

The Highlight platform gives you the power to collect exceptional data on impossible timelines, by streamlining everything from recruit to dataset.


Trusted by teams of 1 to 1000+

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Highlight makes it easy to get the data you need, fast.

With seamless distribution, data collection, and a diverse, vetted community of engaged consumers, we deliver the critical data you’re looking for — at lightning speed.

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Introducing the Highlight Platform

The first & only automated physical product testing platform

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Fueling insights across the entire product lifecycle


Whether you’re introducing new products or variations to an existing product line or expanding your market share within a specific category, Highlight’s platform enables product researchers with high-quality data, fast.


With Highlight's platform, product researchers can easily test and refine formulas to optimize product performance and ensure that messages and claims accurately reflect the product's benefits. By using data-driven insights, researchers can quickly identify areas for improvement and iterate until they have a product that truly resonates with consumers.


Utilize product testing for growth through competitive benchmarking and usage testing. Gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of products, observe how consumers interact with your product in real-world scenarios, and use qualitative and quantitative data to inform future product development and marketing strategies.


Researchers can test and refine formulas to ensure that claims accurately reflect product benefits, providing consumers with products that deliver on promises. With Highlight’s platform you gain data-driven insights that help you identify areas of improvement and growth with your product.


Our platform enables researchers to conduct sensory, packaging, and messaging testing quickly and efficiently. By utilizing data-driven insights, researchers can identify areas for improvement in their products, ensuring that they deliver on consumer expectations.


Looking to concept-test new products and explore white space opportunities? By utilizing data-driven insights, researchers can quickly iterate and refine concepts with the Highlight platform, ensuring that they align with consumer needs and preferences. Identifying potential new markets and product categories can give your product a competitive edge in the industry.


Meeting you where you are

Research & Development

With quick turnaround times, ample consumer targeting, and reliable data collection methods, Highlight makes it easy for anyone involved in the research and development process to get the most out of their testing efforts. Deploy custom questionnaires and surveys to large target audiences to gain powerful insights into consumer preferences more quickly than ever before.         

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Consumer Insights

Highlight's in-home product testing platform is an ideal solution for those working in consumer insights at CPG companies. With our platform, you have the ability to quickly and easily conduct quality research with a comprehensive panel of highly-engaged participants.

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Brand Manager

Our platform is the perfect tool for brand managers who need to quickly and accurately identify consumer preferences. Easily gather valuable insights from customers, such as quantitative metrics, qualitative feedback, and purchase intent ratings to help you focus on developing a successful product strategy for maximum return on investment. 

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By collecting data from consumers in-home, the Highlight platform allows you to create more accurate product claims and substantiate them with evidence from real people. Gain deeper knowledge about your target audience to create more personalized campaigns, refine your messaging, and develop products that appeal to consumers on a deeper level. 

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Technical Insights

By combining advanced technology and real-time data dashboards, technical insights professionals can get reliable insights faster than ever before. No need to worry about waiting around for results or missing out on crucial product validation - spot trends and catch any potential problems early on in the development process.

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Trusted by leading global brands across industries


"The Highlight portal elevates our research experience by giving us visibility to every step to the process. There are no surprises from the planning through to the final complete. It eliminates the stress caused by all the back and forth normally required to make sure your project is on track. The platform allows the team to collaborate and build their studies quickly and seamlessly with the Highlight team so everything is right the first time."


"The Highlight Platform was incredible to work with every step of the way. We needed a partner that would enable us to make quicker yet well-informed decisions in a more cost efficient manner and Highlight delivered on that and beyond. The online dashboard was easy to use and enabled me to monitor the results in real-time so I could keep my team informed throughout the study."

Jennifer Norris Testimonial Headshot

Sr Manager, Consumer Insights at King’s Hawaiian

Jennifer Norris


"The Highlight platform was a dream to work with from end to end on our project, handling everything from procuring product to detailed reporting with speed, thoroughness and impeccable communication along the way. Their fresh approach to home testing meant we received high-quality responses in a short period and had the ability to track the results live in our user-friendly Dashboard. The data and insights we’ve received so far have been invaluable to our work and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Highlight."

[Client Image] Millie Dunn [Sakara]

Director of Product Marketing and Innovation at Sakara

Milly Dunn


"When we set out to make some changes to our main product line, we knew that we needed to get these updated bars in as many hands as possible in order to fully validate that our improvements were, in fact, improvements. The platform helped us immensely to shape the scope of the project, identify our target market, whittle our surveys down to the critical questions that we needed to answer and to organize the data in a helpful and digestible way. Definitely will be using their platform again in the future!"

Matt Czarnecki Testimonial Headshot

Founder & CEO at Verb Energy

Matt Czarnecki


"Highlight gives product testing at home a fresh look and feel which was missing in the industry. It is not only the turnaround of the results but also the pragmatic approach of the Highlight Platform to make it happen for the client in the best possible way."

Barbara Schandl Testimonial Headshot

Insights Lead SnackFutures Innovation at Mondelēz

Barbara Schandl

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