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Good research, fast

Highlight's in-home product testing platform streamlines everything from recruit to data set, including all the logistics of getting product to target consumers.


We've improved hundreds of products for teams of 1 to 1000+

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Get products in hand and in-home

With seamless distribution, data collection, and a diverse, vetted community of engaged consumers, we deliver the honest opinions you’re looking for — at lightning speed.

  • 90% Completion Rates
  • <1 Week to Data
  • All in One Platform

Research that doesn't feel like research

Tap our vetted community of pre-screened, well-profiled consumers who are motivated by our mission of better products for all.

  • Organically-sourced consumers we never pay for

  • 65% completely new to research

  • Receive branded boxes & natural e-comm experience

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Quality feedback in a fraction of the time

2-day shipping (send us products on a Monday,
consumers have it by Wednesday!)

•  Instant access to a live dashboard of data streaming
into your portal

•  Competitive benchmarks across various product

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Flexible across product stages and categories

Whether you are ideating testing, launching or innovating products - leverage the Highlight platform as your one-stop-shop for product insights.

We take care of all logistics. We can ship virtually any product, at any stage, in any category. Our warehouse and special projects team can handle: small sample sizes, procuring competitive product, product returns, repackaging, blinding, bulk products, refrigerated/frozen, beer/wine/liquor.

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Meeting you where you are

How clients use the Highlight platform. Most common use cases that inspire and power your product innovation process from start to finish.

Trusted by leading global brands across

Take the next step towards more effective innovation.

Learn why Nestle, P&G, Estee Lauder, and Pepsi trust us with their agile innovation.