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Method Series: Choosing the Right Sample Size

Clients often come to us with a clear research need but are looking for guidance on sample size. How much is too much? Too little? In this post, we answer your FAQs and help you determine the right number of people to research to achieve your research goals. 

Method Series: You Have Your Data - Now What?

Highlight's guide to leveraging consumer insights to make an impact, across different audiences.

Consumer insights are critical for product development, marketing, and sales. But often times, we see our brands collect tons of interesting data, and then ask us 'what's next'. So, we've decided to break it down for our community.

The June Highlight: Honoring Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

This past month in June, Highlight was honored to work with multiple LGBTQIA+ brands to provide pro bono insights in support of Pride Month. We hope in providing this access to consumer feedback and data, we can help enable continued growth + success with these amazing brands. We truly believe in the importance of equal access to data across the board. The LGBTQIA+ owned brands Highlight has worked with include Love Good Fats, Attn: Grace, Explorer Cold Brew and more!

Building a Tech-Centered Agile Research Platform with Highlight’s CPTO Ethan Kellough

As the driving force behind what is now the Highlight consumer and client experience, Ethan Kellough, Highlight’s CPTO and Founder has been at the forefront of the technological development. With years of product design and development experience under his belt - particularly leveraging consumer empathy - Ethan knew there was a better way to conduct research, build better products, and bring all of these processes into the modern era. 

In-home Use Tests are Exploding in Popularity, and Here’s the 5 Reasons Why

Product developers and researchers are constantly thinking about the best ways to test product. CLTs (central location tests) and IHUTs (in home usage tests) each have their time and place: smaller-scale CLTs for early in the innovation process, larger-scale IHUTs as 'gold standard' for scaled validation and learning. But in the past few years (and especially in the past few months), we've seen an exponential increase in the use of in-home usage tests. Why, you ask? Well, first, let’s break down what each of these tests really do.

The March Highlight: Women's History Month

For Women’s History month back in March, Highlight worked with multiple women-owned brands to provide pro bono insights to enable continued growth + success. As Highlight is a woman-founded company as well, we know highlighting the strong women behind these powerful brands is so crucial and important. Women founders are huge drivers in innovation, change, and better products across the board.

A few of the women-owned brands Highlight has worked with: Twrl, Bare Hands, Better & Better, Unlit, Offlimits, No.2, and Mixy.

In-home Usage Testing: 10 Things You Need to Know

In-home usage tests (IHUTs for short) are nothing new in the realm of product research, but now, they're coming into a new era with advanced algorithms, quick turnarounds, and endless testing possibilities! Read on for 10 insights that may make you rethink the traditional IHUT.