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Highlighter FAQ

Time & Cost

Does this cost me anything?

Nope! We will never ask you for your payment information. Not even for shipping. 

Are you sure this is free? Nothing in life is free...

True that. While you won’t have to shell out any actual money for each product, you are expected to contribute time and effort into the feedback you submit for each product. The brands you are providing feedback for count on your honest and thorough thoughts to help improve their products.

How long does giving feedback take?

It depends, but on average it only takes a few minutes per product. For example, if you get a Box with 6 products, providing feedback may take 30 minutes for all of the products.


Do I have to share anything on social media?

Nope! While many of our members post about their experience on social media, if you’re not comfortable with doing that, that’s a-okay too! From time to time, some brands have a little bonus for anyone that does share their product on social media too.

Okay, I want in! How do I join?

Apply to join here! If you have any questions about the application process, you can reach out to us at  support@highlighters.letshighlight.com.

Do you share my information with third parties?

It sounds like you would be interested in reading our Privacy Policy. But if you want the cliff-notes, no, unless you say you want to. Of course we share your feedback with the brand, but we always ask for each brand/product if you would like to share your email address with the brand to subscribe to their newsletter/marketing emails or for follow-up. 

Are there any rules?

Our program is built on timeliness and thoughtfulness. Feedback is due within roughly a week of receiving your Box. If not received within time, you will be locked out. If your feedback is noted as incomprehensible or unhelpful by our team or a brand, you will be locked out.

My friends would like to join, how can I invite them?
While we don’t have personal invite-codes for every community member, you can have your friends apply here!
How can I get a personal invite code?

By being an awesome member of our community and providing consistently stellar feedback! Earning a personal invite code is a coveted feat within our community and comes with other special perks too.


How many free products do I get?

Here at Highlight, we love that our boxes are unique, just like you! We match products to consumers based on profile and preferences, think back those questions you answered when you first signed up. Although every box may look a little different, every bit of feedback you provide in your surveys is just as important. Brands’ needs fluctuate just like everything else in life, so sometimes, your box may have more items than other times (don’t worry though, we’ll continue to keep them coming your way).

Do I get to pick what I try?

Yes! If you are selected to receive an upcoming Box, you have to express your interest in receiving one through our Opt-In Form. Keep up to date on your email inbox so that we can get an offer onto your doorstep and into your hands ASAP!

What If I don't like what I get?

That’s the name of the game! We’re not about being a positive echo chamber, we want to provide every brand with constructive feedback, negative or positive! But… we hope you don’t say you’re interested in trying a chocolate-flavored product when you hate chocolate…

How often can I get a box of free products?

We do strive to send every member of our community 4 to 6 Boxes per year. Although we send out Boxes every month, you may not be selected to receive one every month—we need to spread the love across the community! 

My brother's high school buddy works at a business that needs feedback on their product. How can I put them on to Highlight?

We’d love to chat with them! Reach us via our contact form below.

I haven't gotten a box in a while, why?

We are working hard to make sure that each box you receive is curated to you and the unique consumer you are! This means that your frequency of boxes (offers?) may change as we work to connect our Highlighters with brands where they will have a great impact and enjoy the offerings.

Still have questions?

Our Highlighter support team can help! Reach out to support by sending a detailed email to support@highlighters.letshighlight.com!