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Recession Proof Product Performance

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Method Series: Designing Your Test For Optimal Results

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Your feedback at the forefront.

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Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself

We can’t wait to get to know you — seriously. That’s why we made our onboarding process so comprehensive.

Let us treat you
Let us treat you

Based on your unique profile, we’ll send you free premium products that fit your unique lifestyle.

Try something new
Try something new

Incorporate the products into your daily routine and just see what happens.

Talk our ears off
Talk our ears off

We want to see your responses — and not just because our jobs depend on it. If you’ve got compliments, questions, or concerns, we’ve got time to listen.

Be timely
Be timely

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Get to know
Get to know

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See how Highlighters have shaped preeminent brands firsthand.

"There are many different product review/sampling programs out there. Highlight stands out because you have brought me products that are new and exciting as well as products that the others are not offering. I like the unique product choices and how you tailor your boxes to the preferences of each reviewer."
"The best thing about Highlight is being able to give feedback on the products and knowing your feedback goes straight to the product developers and owners of the company."
"You can say how you really feel about a product without only praising them just because you got free products. Without honest reviews, sampling companies won’t know what they can improve on for future boxes."
"I love the fact that you find vegan/plant-based companies to sample. Too few sample companies really feature stand-out companies that sell these products and also too few companies do this kind of research before launching! I’ve tasted sooo many vegan products that really could have used a focus group before release over the years."

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