We exist to enable our community of brands
and consumers to build better products for all.


Why we're here

We’re here to turn today’s good ideas into tomorrow’s best ones. 95% of consumer products fail — we think it would be cooler if they didn’t. All it can take is the right ideas, the right people, and the right questions. Let’s not read the whole book on how to succeed; let’s Highlight.


What we're up to 

We accept the products we think we deserve; maybe that’s why bad products stay on shelves longer than they should. Every time a Highlighter opens their Highlight Box they remember that trying new things should be exciting, not exhausting. Then they tell us about it. We’re not just revolutionizing the way businesses do research, we’re raising the bar for what consumers can expect — and then helping brands clear it.


How we do it

Highlight is all about connecting. We do the legwork automating distribution and refining surveys up front — that means brands can spend more time getting to know their fans, who can skip straight to making a difference in their new favorite products. When these connections happen, feedback becomes clearer and products get much better. Athletes have trainers. Startups have incubators. You have Highlight.


Highlight is building a team that’s passionate about bringing brands and consumers closer than ever before. Improving products is our idea of fun — we love what we do, and so can you.

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