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Agile Message Optimization for Biena Chickpea Snacks


This brand came to us as an emerging player in the snack category, wanting to understand:

  • Name resonance and mission statement refinement

  • New message optimization and fit with product

  • Channel optimization for product discovery and trial

Biena Images for Case Study


We packed and shipped two flavors of this early stage product, to the better for you segment of our community for agile in-home testing in just 5 days.

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In less than 10 days, the Biena team started to see data come in around what was working and not in their messaging, so they could prioritize the mission statement elements and product benefits that matter most, using real-time consumer reactions and iterative messaging co-creation.

What we delivered:

  • Instant access to a live dashboard of results coming in on day 1
    Understanding of key drivers of interest and messages that resonated most

  • Prioritization of snacking occasions and product fit within existing snack routine

  • Qualitative consumer perception around the right balance of flavors, ingredients, and nutrition that were most expected and appealing for this snack

  • The best channels for product discovery and trial


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