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Pre-Launch Testing for Journ Beauty



Journ Beauty Sample QuotesThis brand came to us as an emerging brand in the beauty category, wanting to gather insights on their tinted eye serum pre-launch. Specifically, Journ wanted feedback on their product's texture, feel on skin and aesthetic performance across a variety of target consumer groups.



We packed and shipped 2 SKUs to target audiences (including both men and women) equally splitting the total sample between two skin tone ranges. Each reviewer used the eye serum for at least 3 consecutive days before completing the survey.

Journ Stats Image       


In less than 10 days, the Journ team was ready to adjust their formula and positioning, learning from the consumer-generated language in talking about the new product line, as well as usage data around efficacy and functionality of the product.

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What we delivered:

  • Instant access to a live dashboard of results coming in on day 1

  • Understanding of key drivers of interest and product fit among different demographics

  • Product performance across two SKUs

Journ Quote + Results