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[Image][Compressed] Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Product Testing: The Top 5 Use Cases

What’s inside the can or bottle is critical for consumers to keep coming back for more, but ensuring that product is perfect has been traditionally very difficult - until now. Liquid testing is key, and Highlight has the expansive capabilities and experience working with alcohol brands (beer, wine, and spirits), to ensure you can reach the audiences you want, send them the products you’d like, and get all the feedback you need - with all the regulatory quirks of the three-tier system and 21+ testing in mind.[Blog Image] Liquid Testing 1

Here are some of our “greatest hits” use cases for inspiration.


1. Earlier stage ideation + exploration

Collect early consumer feedback to validate your innovation ideas and opportunities within the market. Target consumers who are open to a certain concept and send innovation-stage concepts alongside innovation-stage product (or proxy product that's in market!).


2. Pre-launch liquid testing

Test pre-launch products with target consumers for sensory evaluation. Ensure your liquid testing is to the exact customers and scale you want with our nationwide reach and unlimited sample size capabilities. Leverage the data to perfect what is in that can or bottle.


3. Shortlisting + benchmarking

Test different products across your portfolio to get physical A/B testing done. Send several products either in your R&D pipeline, products with slight tweaks to formulation or packaging, or in-market products, and understand which products win, across which attributes, and why.

[Blog Image] Liquid Testing 2-1

4. Competitive testing

Test your products against category competitors. Whether sending bundles of competitive products or having consumers source their own, Highlight can ensure cost-effective benchmarking.


5. Consumer claims testing

Test your products to generate marketing claims, messaging, and user-generated content and use it for investor decks, retailer pitches, consumer marketing, and more. With Highlight, you can test your products with specific claims to validate and emerge from your research with clear externally-facing claims to leverage across key stakeholder groups.



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