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The Highlight Platform

We streamline everything from recruit to data set, including all the logistics of getting your product to your target customers, whether they are cat-owning millennials or women over 50 in California with oily skin looking for retinol.


1. Create an account and start a project.

Add research details and tell us whom you’d like to get feedback from.

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2. Ship your product to Highlight’s warehouse.

We can handle everything – even frozen or refrigerated items – and can re-pack however you’d like.

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3. Enter the questions you’d like to get answered.

Our platform supports surveys, photos, and videos.


4. Let the platform match you.

Sit back as you're matched with pre-screened target consumers, your products are shipped to them, and their Highlight apps are loaded with your questions.


5. Log in to see your data come in live.

Highlight has unmatched completion rates (90%!), in record time.

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Highlight handles it all.

If you have a physical product, chances are, Highlight can test it.
You might be surprised that our platform can even handle: 


Food & Beverage

We’ve successfully tested hundreds of products in the food and beverage realm. We even have cold chain capabilities for frozen and refrigerated products.

Kids & Pet

Built-in ‘who do you shop for’ targeting ensures we can effectively reach the other kids, babies, and pets in the home.

Beauty & Personal Care

Our audiences span all skin, hair, nail, you-name-it types; to capture both point-in-time and longitudinal feedback.


If you have a supplement you need testing on, our community can provide the data you need.

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The Highlight Difference

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We've improved hundreds of products for teams of 1 to 1000+