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Product & Line Optimization for King's Hawaiian


King’s Hawaiian came to us in February 2021 to discuss potential line extensions heading into the new year. As a dominant player in the bakery space, King’s Hawaiian needed to understand consumer reactions to potential new products in the pipeline among current and potential customers.




We packed and shipped the new King’s Hawaiian products to a curated segment of our community for agile in-home testing in just two days.Kings Hawaiian Case Study Stats 2


In less than two weeks, King’s Hawaiian was ready to revise its roadmap for its new product line.

What we delivered:

  • Understanding of key sensory insights to optimize product formulation
  • Prioritization across products in the innovation pipeline
  • Assessment of brand fit and product resonance among loyal and new customers
  • Ranking of consumption occasions and in-home use case resonance
  • Qualitative depth via honest, unbiased open-ended product feedback


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