Test physical products early and often.


AgileIHUT Product Page #1


An agile and turnkey end to end IHUT solution, testing your prototypes or samples with target consumers in a matter of days. Leverage JAR scales, attribute batteries, ranking questions, and open ends to prioritize areas of improvement, flavors or forms to pursue, occasions, and consumer-relevant messages to incorporate into marketing assets.

AgileIHUT™ in Action


King’s Hawaiian quickly tests early prototypes of 2 new products and ensures new potential innovations resonate with its loyal customer base.


We packed and shipped the new King’s Hawaiian products to a curated segment of our community for agile in-home testing in just two days.


In less than two weeks, King’s Hawaiian was ready to revise its roadmap for its new product line.

AgileIHUT Case Study Images- Nestle

Nestle tests a hero product against 2 top competitors to strengthen its sales story at retail and inform future line development.

Take the next step towards more effective innovation.

Automated and efficient product testing. Engaging consumer app. Proprietary, robust, engaged respondents. Pre-screened for articulation and unlimited targeting abilities.