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Recession Proof Product Performance

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Method Series: Designing Your Test For Optimal Results

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The missing piece you've been searching for.

Partner with Highlight to enhance your existing IHUT process or seamlessly fill the gap in your product portfolio.
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Why partner with Highlight?

Partner with Highlight, a platform crafted by researchers for researchers. Highlight enables streamlined in-home product testing, ensuring speed, efficiency, and top-quality data. By using our tech, Agencies can optimize their research process, embrace digital transformation, and deliver superior value to clients, setting your agency apart in a competitive landscape.

Easy collaboration

Supercharge your customers' journey to agile insights automation with Highlight's unique ihut brand portal, enabling streamlined processes, faster speed to insight, and full reporting transparency throughout the project lifecycle.
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"Great team and quick turnaround! Highlights Agile platform allows for everything to be stored in one place."

Enterprise Partner>1000 Emp.

"Highlight has perfected the recontact/ diary portion of studies and have some of if not the best recovery rates in the industry. I don’t know anyone who bids 90%+ recovery besides Highlight!"

Enterprise Partner>1000 Emp.

Highlight x [your company here] sounds like a perfect fit. Wow your clients and level up your testing today.

Creating tangible and measurable results

Our commitment to driving meaningful outcomes, embracing collective action, and making a positive difference for you.

Drive growth We are dedicated to aligning with your success metrics, fostering a collaborative environment, and creating a joint value proposition that not only enhances your capabilities but also drives the growth.
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Stay ahead of the curve

As a strategic Highlight partner, you'll have the support of our industry-leading IHUT platform and be at the forefront of future product tech roadmap discussions. We'll provide valuable insights on buyer personas, buying cycles as well as sales collateral and training support to keep you informed and equipped for success.

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Amplify your brand We have a vested interest in your success and put the weight of our marketing channels behind your company with opportunities for marketing, such as internal & external promotion, joint webinars, e-books and blog posts. Your brand is always visible.
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Optimize efficiency

Infuse technology into your business without the lift to build. Promote the Highlight IHUT platform to your clients, while improving your operational efficiency, and ROI.

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A few ways we work with partners like you

We have a diverse range of approaches when it comes to collaborating. Speak with our team about the numerous partner opportunities.

Supercharge your innovation capabilities with Highlight.