Next-gen in-home product testing, faster and more turnkey than ever before.

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The Highlight Difference

Our agile process makes it possible to get your products in the hands of consumers, with actionable feedback back to you in less than a week. With seamless distribution, data collection, and a diverse, vetted community of engaged consumers, we deliver the honest opinions you’re looking for — at lightning speed.


we deliver the honest opinions you're looking for - at lightning speed


Robust project portal

Everything you need to succeed is right here on our platform. Choose your target audience, design your survey, ship us your product, and access your live dashboard of incoming data — just like that. 

Targeted & scalable reach

Our proprietary database reaches Millennials, Gen Z, and beyond, with virtually unlimited targeting abilities and scale. Choose from our pre-set segments (i.e. D2C Millennials, better-for-you moms) or custom create based on who your product is designed for.


Turnkey logistics

We take on the heavy lifting of logistics and shipping so that you can focus on the insights. If we get product on a Monday, we have it in consumers’ hands by Thursday. We can distribute refrigerated, frozen, CBD, competitive product, and more!

Organic, in-home consumer experience

Our referral-only community is dedicated to making your products better. We make giving feedback so fun, easy, and natural, that our Highlighters can’t wait for their boxes to arrive - guaranteeing you 90%+ survey completion rates each and every time.  

Data <1 week

As soon as product is in hand, you get instant access to a live dashboard of data coming in. From there, we work together to deliver what you need to succeed - custom reporting, robust final datasets for future data mining, and product ScoreCards with relevant category benchmarking.

💡 Innovation exploration

We can send pre-final product, blinded or with concepts, and with any legal safeguards you’d like.

💬 Message & Claims Testing

Understand needs met, benefits ranked, jobs to be done, or stat-forward claims in-home.

📊 Competitive Testing

Collect benchmarked data around how your products are performing versus others.

📦 Sensory, flavor, & pack testing

Inform R&D with sensory forward JAR and hedonic scales, to inform development.