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Agile Sensory Testing for Cat Litter Innovation


Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 4.35.00 PMThis brand came to Highlight as an established brand in the cat litter category. Their project goals were to assess consumer overall experience, including fragrance acceptability and fit to lavender branded packaging front. Ultimately, they aimed to inform their brand team of fragrance fit to packaging front prior to launch.


We packed and shipped n=21 products for a monadic, 7-day longitudinal HUT. Each respondent participated in several evaluation touchpoints: verbatims are captured at point of pour, then a robust survey at end of the week-long trial. Additionally, 10 participants submitted video uploads and Highlight conducted 5 IDIs.

Cat litter 3.2       


In less than 10 days, the team was ready to adjust their formula, prioritizing the fragrance and packaging benefits that matter most, using consumer-friendly language. What we delivered:

  • Personalized surveys at point of pour and post 7-day trial

  • Instant access to a live dashboard of results coming in on day 1

  • Deeper understanding of consumer feedback through verbatims from 10 video submission and 5 IDI's.

  • Understanding of key drivers of interest and product fit among different demographics through a post-trial report


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