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Turnkey product testing logistics

Highlight uses technology to streamline in-home product testing and provide full visibility from recruit to data-set

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Trusted by teams of 1 to 1000+

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From start to finish all within one game-changing project portal

Get started and set up your first project in less than 10 minutes and stay tuned as the page updates in real-time. Notifications keep you on track, letting you know everything from when a survey link is ready for your approval to when the dashboard is live with your in-field results.

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Shipping & Procurement

  • 1-day and 2-day shipping in sustainable packaging, including refrigerated and frozen
  • Relabeling and blinding of products
  • Re-packing of products in FDA-certified facilities (clean room)
  • Custom inserts for controlled testing
  • Randomization of products and cell-balancing
Insights In Action

Product Optimization Testing For Freestyle Snacks


As an emerging brand, Freestyle Snacks came to Highlight in April 2022 to discuss testing packaging for their soon-to-be-released snackable olives. With a mission to revolutionize snacking on whole foods, the goal of the test was to understand consumer reactions to the taste and flavors, as well as Freestyle Snacks packaging.

[Image][Blog]Free Style Snacking Kalamata Olives



We shipped three Freestyle Snacks flavors to a curated segment of "better for you" snack purchasers within our Highlighter community for agile in-home testing.

✅ 300 samples sent to...

✅ 100 Highlighters in North and Southeast regions

✅ 1 day from product receipt until initial data

✅ 92% completion rate


Freestyle Snacks received feedback on all three products and was able to make improvements to
their initial product line. They received ranking of overall enjoyment and product resonance of target consumers, benchmark data within the "better for you" snack category to leverage in retailer decks, and more.

Case Study - Free Style Snacks DATA


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